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Embird Embroidery Stock Designs

are stitch files (embroidery patterns) in various digital file formats produced by BALARAD, s.r.o. , and they are used as
programs for computerized embroidery machines
Embird Embroidery Designs are sold exclusively by BALARAD, s.r.o.
  1. Legal owners of Embird Embroidery Designs may sell garments embroidered with these designs.

  2. Legal owners of Embird Embroidery Designs may put thumbnails (pictures) of these designs on their web site and include these pictures into their catalog.

  3. Embird Embroidery Designs may not be sold, given, lend or otherwise disseminated without permission from BALARAD, s.r.o.

  4. Any use of Embird Embroidery Designs other than specified above must be licensed by BALARAD, s.r.o.

Copyright © BALARAD, s.r.o. All Rights Reserved.

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