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We test our designs sew-out on home embroidery machine.
Below photos illustrate the most important properties of our designs.
Click any photo to enlarge.

Dog design sew-out test 1

Dog design sew-out test 2

Dog design sew-out test 4

Dog design sew-out test 3

Dog design sew-out test 1, detail

Color bleeding and fur effect

is created with hundreds or thousands of manual stitches sewn on top of a plain fill. On most places, the manual stitches are much looser than the underlaying fill. This creates the color bleeding effect. The layout of manual stitches and direction and pattern of plain fill are chosen so that it resembles the fur texture.

Dog design sew-out test 2, detail

Number of colors and trims

we try to keep color and trim count as low as possible, while preserving the realistic look of the design. Larger areas usually contain 3 shades: base color, highlight and shadow. Small areas are sewn with 1 or 2 colors. In most cases, areas of the same colors are sewn in a single draft, with connection stitches hidden beneath next layers of other colors.

Dog design sew-out test 3, detail


The most important detail like highlight in eyes are created with just couple of manual stitches, usually a branch of larger nearby area. In this case, connection is hidden by black outline.

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