Dog, Cat & Horse Stock Designs by Embird Embroidery Team

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Updated January 2024

About Our Designs

Our dogs, cats, horses and other pets stock designs are programs (also called embroidery patterns) for home and industrial computerized embroidery machines.

We create our animal stock designs with Embird embroidery software. Most patterns fit the standard hoop 100x100mm (4"x4").

Realistic dog, cat, horse fur effect was achieved with use of large number of manual stitches running at various angles. In contrast to a plain-stitch fills, manual stitches are not homogenous and cannot be recalculated to a new size while preserving density at the same time. These stock designs are not resizable in any larger scale. Therefore, most of our stock designs are delivered in 3 sizes - cap size, left chest and larger left chest size.

Purchased designs are delivered as an e-mail attachment in chosen embroidery file format. Delivery consists of embroidery files in digital formats, digital picture documentation, list of recommended embroidery thread colors and approximate thread consumption.

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Custom Digitizing

Besides stock designs, we offer also a custom digitizing of pet photos and company logos by our digitizing team. If interested, please contact us via e-mail for a quote.

Customers Feedback

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 7

Hi, I am very happy with my purchase. I always go to your website when I am looking for a dog design. I love your designs. Thank you, Kim T.

Dachshund 3 (Longhair)

Great design. As always embroiders out perfectly. Susan G.

Shettland Sheepdog 5 (Sheltie)

Perfect. Thank you Gisele S.

Pomeranian 6

yes I am happy with the designs, only there are no anymore cheaper when I buy a lot! Most I buy 10 or more and than was het cheaper. Nel W.

Pointing Griffon Wire-haired (body)

Been waiting a long time for this file to become available to the public. We did make some color changes to make the final product look more like our pup. Already on several garments. Rick B.

Papillon 2 (tri colored)

Hi. I like it. Kerstin N.

German Shepherd 4

Your designs are absolutely beautiful! You're my go to for specific breeds! M. Jane C.

Golden Doodle 2

perfecto!!!!!! Maryanne B.

English Pointer

This is a great design. We actually need to put it on a hat so it needs to be no taller than 2 " for our needs. Is it possible to get it in the adjusted size? Thanks so much.. It is beautiful work Gina P.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 6

Design sewed out great and the customer really liked the finished product. John and Ida G.

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